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The way you do business is changing, pandemic or not

Stop and ask "How do you share files between colleagues and clients?" what about "How many logins to different sites/apps do you have and use on a daily or weekly basis?" these are all important choices to make when choosing a remote work solution.

Wasted time is wasted money

You waste a lot of time at work without even realizing it. Did you know that Atlassin reports the average worker spends 16 minutes a day organzing an inbox?

Daily inefficiencies add up

Small-time wasters can have significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Stop and think: In a standard 40-hour work week, how many hours go into duplicating efforts at work?

Steps to Success

Use modern devices and apps. Consolidate your apps. Use email only for external communication. Collaborate securely.

Productivity weapons for your business arsenal

Get tactical with security and the cloud

Vulpine Networks offers a wide variety of solutions to allow you to empower your companies Digital Workspace environment to provide lasting and affordable solutions both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a Cloud Productivity suite based on the existing Google Drive set of products and allows for a more controlled and secured corporate environment, as well as dedicated Chromebook management.

Microsoft365 Solutions

Office365 is a Cloud Productivity suite developed by Microsoft that connects on-premise Microsoft apps with cloud-based versions or versions off the corporate network.

Cisco WebEx

Microsoft Teams

UC Calling, Meeting and the messaging system included with most Microsoft365 plans or available a la carte.

Transitioning to Remote Work

Business productivity is about using systems efficiently and allowing technology to do as much work for you as possible, regardless of where you are. 

Key points to ask yourself?

  • Do we trust employees to do their work when we can’t see them?
  • Do we have the kind of work that can be done remotely?
  • Do we have employees who can and want to work remotely?
  • Do we have the infrastructure in place to support remote work?

If necessity is the mother of invention, COVID-19 is the father of transformation


  • Remote work was limited
  • Distrust towards employees working from home
  • Little to no security for BYOD and WFH scenarios
  • Fear of change
  • Company culture revolved around office space


  • Remote work is set up securely
  • Productivity and trust are established through forced
    transition to remote work
  • New protocols and processes for business operations
  • Collaboration and communication improvements
  • Company culture revolves around its people

As we were forced to let go of misconceptions, we can finally embrace the fact that remote workers are actually more productive.

Remote workers work an average of 1.4 more days every month, or 16.8 more days every year

It’s estimated that a typical employer can save an average of $11,000 per half-time telecommuter per year. The primary savings are the result of increased productivity, lower real estate costs, reduced absenteeism and turnover

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