Managed WiFi

In 2021, consumers expect all businesses to have free, fast, reliable, and secure WiFi access. Offices rely on quick and secure WiFi connections to support their employee’s and clients’ day-to-day activities.


But for many businesses, managing your own wireless Internet connections is a full-time job. IT departments are tasked with ensuring a strong connection reaches the entire office or building, providing security solutions and installing privacy measures, and troubleshooting when connectivity issues occur.

An alternative to having an on-site IT department managing a businesses’ WiFi network? Outsourcing WiFi networks and management to managed WiFi providers.

Managed WiFi is an outsourced wireless network that allows users connect to the Internet via multiple access points throughout a building, ensuring property-wide access. It’s a cloud-based technology, meaning that Vulpine Networks manages, controls, and troubleshoots a business or property’s WiFi remotely, removing the need for an on-site IT department to manage a building’s WiFi network.

1. Cost-Effective

2. Reliability

Nothing is worse than the WiFi connection going down (or being spotty) to ruin productivity. For many businesses, this would mean having their IT department diagnose the issue or call in a specialist to figure out the issue.

For those who use a managed WiFi network, we have Dedicated Support that diagnoses, troubleshoot, and fix WiFi problems remotely – without having to come on-site for support. These providers also have monitoring practices in place to reduce downtown.

3. Scalability

One of the biggest benefits of managed WiFi networks is scalability. With managed WiFi, we can simply add new access points or WiFi extenders to the areas of a building they notice have poor connections – before users even notice. This is especially useful for large, multi-unit apartment complexes, large nationwide warehouse and chain-retail stores, hospitals, and enterprise offices.

4. Security

As mentioned earlier, security can be a major concern of managed WiFi connections – however for many, it’s a major benefit 

Managed WiFi is considered a better option than an internal IT department in terms of security because it allows businesses to outsource to trained professionals. These security professionals know the best practices for setting up the most secure networks and admin controls. They are able to authenticate connections, and monitor networks for potential attacks and breaches.

5. Monitoring & Reporting

Managed WiFi providers have state-of-the-art tools to monitor and report on connectivity, potential security breaches, network reliability and speed, and more. With traditional providers and on-site IT departments, it would be on them to figure out how to best monitor and report on their networks. With managed WiFi providers, there is no need – saving money and giving businesses access to industry-leading software and tools.

6. RF Surveying

A wireless RF survey (or radio-frequency survey) is the mapping of a property to plan and design a wireless network that has wide-coverage throughout a building. Managed WiFi providers conduct RF surveys to design the most reliable network that reaches all corners of a building – ensuring all residents, employees, or customers have access.

  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Multifamily Apartment Complexes & Condos
  • Commercial Buildings & Coworking Spaces
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Universities & Schools
  • Malls
  • Sporting Arenas

Starting at 30.00/mo. Contact Us to learn more.

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